Tablet press likewise alluded to as Tableting machine, drug tablet press, tablet compacting machine, or tablet punching machine is a mechanical gadget that packs powders into tablets of uniform size, shape, and weight containing around similar amount of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and excipients. Aside from its utilization in the drug businesses for assembling assortments of tablets, it can similarly be utilized to fabricate illegal medications, cleaning items, and beauty care products. The essential unit of any tablet press is tooling comprising of two punches and a kick the bucket called a station. The upper and lower punches meet up in the bite the dust that contains the tablet plan.

A tablet compression tooling  has both upper and lower punches

Lower punches seals the kicks the bucket from the base. They assume a fundamental part in guaranteeing an exact measure of powder fills the pass on by changing fittingly. Furthermore, they help during the pressure and launch measure.

Upper punches assume an essential part in guaranteeing an exact measure of pressure power is applied on the powder. Thus, they help to frame the ideal tablet size and shape. Taking into account that they are answerable for the last debut of the tablet, they should be planned with high exactness and precision. There are three particular grouping kinds of tooling: model tooling, connect tooling, and creation tooling.

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