Irregular Shapes Tablet Punches & Dies

Dies and punches for tableting  & Irregular Shapes Tablet Punches & Dies

With many long broaden of understanding, we can make a wide range of punches & dies, for example, round, irregular, shallow inward, profound sunken, slope edged, separable, single tipped, multi-tipped, chromed or carbide ones, star shapes, heart and animal shapes etc. Usually, these Irregular Shapes Tablet Punches & Dies are demanded by the confectionery industries and according to their requirements, we used to make and supply to their firm.
Our organization is utilizing the most up to date advances and propelled temperate treatment innovation and logical estimating intends to make different sorts of punched & dies with high evaluated compound steel committed for the instrument. These can be delivered by us and can math different sorts of equipment, including advanced ones. Our Irregular Shapes Tablet Punches & Dies are utilized in different mechanical segments and are exceptionally valued by the customers. We offer the Irregular Shape Punch Die to our customers at practical costs.

Salient Features

Irregular Shapes Tablet Punches & Dies supplier, exporter in India
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