Strip Packing Machine

Leading Strip Packing Machine for Tablets, Capsules Manufacturer in india

We generate, fare and supply the best in quality Strip Packing Machine to our customers broad the whole way across the globe. This machine is produced according to universal market principles by using first rate quality parts. Our machine is broadly used to bundling of a few sorts of pharmaceutical items like gels, tablets, containers and so forth. Our strip pressing machine has low table best, which is perfect for calcium-plastic cases, hard and delicate bundles, containers, books etc.  It is proper for the pressing items, which are substantial or huge. The strip packing machine is appropriate for the bundles that are expansive or substantial, for instance, vehicle enterprises. We make this machine utilizing the best quality cast iron and hardened steel. Our strip packing machine is highlighted with computerized programmed controller; this unique sort of Strip Packing Machine can be benefited at reasonable costs from us.

Salient Features Of Strip Packing Machine

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